coins, friends, and KnowLedge

The Hamilton Coin society is a public group of collectors interested in numismatics, based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our meetings welcome members in a non-discriminatory, judgement free environment (unless you love to clean coins, then you're gonna get some judgement).

Coins, Notes, and more

The Hamilton Coin Society welcomes anyone who are interested in collecting coins, tokens, medallions, medals, and other numismatic items.

We believe there is no right way to collect, so whether you collect by series, effigy, image, country, or even just by shape, you have the right mindset for our club.

Our focus is determined by our member's interests, not the other way around.

Friends you haven't met yet

Our members take pride in being a diverse and welcoming group. This grows right out of the tremendous diversity there is in ways that people collect.

Coin collecting is a very individual pursuit, so when people find common collecting interests it doesn't take long before a friendship springs to life.

Look forward to your next meeting by bringing your story of a great find, or heroic treasure hunt that added to your collection.


We are committed to promoting the hobby of numismatics through education.

Veterans will tell you to buy the book, then the coin. You didn't start a book collection though! Here's another way to learn!

Our meetings have presentations covering a wide range of topics about collecting. You will come away from a meeting with a head full of new ideas about your collection.

Use discretion and to be security minded when sharing details of your collection, whether online or in person.