about Hamilton Coin society
Our mission

The Hamilton Coin Society's mission is to provide a safe, welcoming environment to 

  • promote the hobby of collecting and preserving numismatic items
  • educate members on topics related to this hobby
  • provide a social venue for members to meet and trade items
Our History
The Hamilton Coin Club was founded in August 1952 by Eugene Culp and other interested numismatists. The original 16 charter members met at the Downtown Y.M.C.A for the first few years then 1956 moved the meetings to the Wentworth Arms Hotel. The Club hosted its first CNA Convention in 1957. The HCC hosted the CNA again in 1961, 1974. 1984 & 1994 The HCC hosted its only ONA show in 1979. For many years the HCC held coin shows every year.  The HCC closed around 1995.

In 2019 a group of members of the Ontario Numismatic Association banded together to revive a coin club within Hamilton. Founded by Robb McPherson, Alan Roy, and Len Trakalo the Hamilton Coin Society held its first meeting on Monday January 07, 2019.

The first executive was elected at the second meeting held on Monday February 04, 2019.  The club members elected Robb McPherson (President), Stephen Adams (Vice President), Robb McPherson (Treasurer), and Alan Roy (Editor).  During the March 2019 meeting Steven Wilton was acclaimed as Secretary.