HCS Newsletter 14 – June 2022 – Welcome Back

(originally published June 04, Edited by Alan Roy)

Your Executives

  • President: Robb McPherson
  • Vice President: Stephen Adams
  • Treasurer: Robb McPherson
  • Secretary: (vacant)
  • Auction Coordinator: Len Trakalo
  • Editor & Club Archivist: Alan Roy

Editor's Comment

So the Hamilton Coin Society will begin holding meetings again this Monday. I hope to see you all there.

Bring your COVID shutdown purchases and your spares for the auction. You will find an auction sheet on the last page of this newsletter.
If you have an interesting item to share, please bring it in or send it to me and I’ll add it to the newsletter.

Email your work to alroy477@gmail.com. It doesn’t have to be the best-written or best-researched article, a few sentences will be fine.

HCS Logo Contest News

Don’t forget that the HCS still needs a new logo. Get those creative juices flowing.

Hamilton Coin Club Eugene Culp Award

A picture of the Eugene Culp Award, a small mounted cup.

The Eugene Culp Award was presented to the best coin display at the Hamilton Coin Club’s annual show.

The winner was chosen by public votes. The award was named after founding member Eugene Culp, who frequently ran the auctions at club meetings.

HCS Member Finds

Correction: The last newsletter’s “HCS Member Finds” was submitted by Rick Craig, not Judy Blackman. Apologies for the confusion.

New Find: Gayety Theatre Token, Hamilton, ON By R. Craig, FCNRS

A photo of the Gayety Theatre token. A 25mm, round, brass token featuring the name and location ("King St. E.") on one side, and the words "vaudeville" and "1 cent" on the other.
The 1 cent brass Gayety Theatre

This brass, 25 mm token is unlisted and the first one I have seen. A retrospective series on Hamilton history published Sept. 23, 2016 reported that on June 1, 1911 a moving picture statute was put into effect forbidding children under 15 years of age from entering motion picture houses unless accompanied by an adult. It confirms the dating and location of the token by stating this was needed because the controversial coin-operated machines in theatres such as the Gayety (specifically named) on King Street east were considered of questionable morality.

One cent tokens may have been used in these coin-operated machines like the Kinetiscope invented around 1895.

A photo of the Red Mill Theatre token. A 25mm, round, brass token featuring the name and location ("80N James St. Hamilton") on one side, and the words "vaudeville" and "1 cent" on the other.
The 1 cent brass Red Mill theatre token

See also Bow 464-Q-F Red Mill theatre token almost identical in design and execution. The common elements suggest strongly both were made by The Thistle Rubber Type Co.

Upcoming Meetings

July 04, August 08 (2nd Monday), September 12 (2nd Monday), October 03, November 07

Doors will open at 6:30pm and the meeting will start at 7pm. At present the kitchen is closed at the venue's discretion, and no snacks will be served.

Do you have something to show off? Bring it to the next meeting! Want to share your collection and knowledge? Do a presentation! Do you have any bank notes or coins you’d like to have certified at a discount? Bring them in! How about questions? Bring those too!

Auctions & Draws

Got something to auction? Bring up to ten of your unwanted treasures with a filled-out auction sheet and put some cash in your pocket. No taxes and no fees for members. Please print and bring the attached form with your items.


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