HCS Newsletter 15 – July 2022 – Into Summer

(originally published July 03, 2022 - Edited by Alan Roy)

Your Executives

  • President: Robb McPherson
  • Vice President: Stephen Adams
  • Treasurer: Robb McPherson
  • Secretary: (vacant)
  • Auction Coordinator: Len Trakalo
  • Editor & Club Archivist: Alan Roy

Editor's Comment

It was great to see everybody again after the pandemic shutdown at the June meeting. We had 18 members attend and 21 lots in the auction.

Some things to keep in mind; we introduced 50/50 draws to help raise money for the club. The first winner was Robb McPherson, who received $39.

We will have a “Bring and Brag” event in the fall, so set aside those interesting finds. And we now have a website where I hope to successfully upload this newsletter (web admin note: it's here!)

HCS Logo Contest News

Don’t forget that the HCS still needs a new logo. Get those creative juices flowing.

The winning designer will receive a $100 prize and may see their design on a medal in the future. You can forward them to me at alroy477@gmail.com

HCS Member Finds

1908 Hamilton-Toronto Race Record Medal by Rick Craig, FCNRS

The foot race from Hamilton to Toronto was for the Mulqueen Trophy Cup established by and named for P. J. Mulqueen. Mulqueen was a prominent sportsman over much of the first half of the 1900’s, convening and managing a variety of important sporting events. His positions included being head of the Ontario Hockey League and Chairman of the 1936 Canadian Olympic Committee.

Thomas J. McAughey, in winning the Mulqueen Trophy Cup, not only set a record time of 7 hours, 21 minutes for the 49 mile race but also defeated the renowned Tom Longboat in doing so. He ran the first 23 miles in 2 hours, 15 minutes breaking a then world record by 8 minutes. In regular life McAughey was Assistant Secretary of the Toronto YMCA west end branch.

In August 1908, he carried a message from the Mayor of Toronto to the Mayor of New York City. The Weekly Post, Lindsay, Ontario, reported on August 11 that McAughey left Toronto on July 27, running about two thirds of the way, walking less, and averaging 65 miles a day, reaching New York in 11 days, 22 hours. By making three wrong turns he added nearly 100 extra miles to his run covering a reported 772 miles.

McAughey cut his foot badly in training for the 1908 Olympics and withdrew.

His name seems to fade in racing news at that time.

T.J. McAughey pictured in The Weekly Post, Lindsay, Ontario, Aug,11,1908.

Thomas J. McAughey was born May 18,1879 and passed away Aug. 2, 1960. He is buried in Burks Falls, Ontario in the same cemetery as his wife Mary Parry, who died the same year.

The medal was made by James D. Bailey & Co. The Jewelers’ Circular, Nov. 4,1908 issue shows Bailey & Co. at The Yonge St. Arcade, Room 13 in Toronto just south of Richmond St.

Willey’s Dictionary of Canadian Medallists lists Bailey as having made medals for Appleby School in Oakville, the Canadian Hackney Horse Society, the Ontario Rifle Association and a short list of others.

Upcoming Meetings

  • July 04
  • August 08 (2nd Monday)
  • September 12 (2nd Monday)
  • October 03
  • November 07

Doors will open at 6:30pm and the meeting will start at 7pm.

At July's meeting Robb McPherson will be conducting a talk on roll hunting:

Robb McPherson will be conducting a talk at our next meeting. Here is what he has to say about it:

Do you know what's in your pocket change, that change the you take everyday and put in a jar or in a spot on your dresser or maybe still in your pocket?  Come out to the July meeting of the Hamilton Coin Society to find out a sampling of the treasurers that lurk among the fleece in your pocket or sit at the bottom of your purse.  You may end up being a coin roll hunter after this meeting.  There are two coin roll hunting group on Facebook, one for Canadians and one for the USA, we will explore what they are finding on there also in this presentation.

Robb McPherson

Auctions & Draws

Do you have something to show off? Bring it to the next meeting! Want to share your collection and knowledge? Do a presentation! Do you have any bank notes or coins you’d like to have certified at a discount? Bring them in! How about questions? Bring those too!

Got something to auction? Bring up to ten of your unwanted treasures with a filled-out auction sheet and put some cash in your pocket. No taxes and no fees for members. Please print and bring the attached form with your items.


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