Welcome to the Hamilton Coin Society

Greetings! Welcome to the Hamilton Coin Society's web site. I'm glad you're here.

In January 2019 the Hamilton Coin Society met for the first time and in the year that followed a core group of members came together to share their different ways of enjoying the hobby.

We have had presentations from the ONA library. We have had members come and talk to us about their specific collecting interest. Speakers have come from other clubs to present. We've even had a couple original presentations.

We planned to be the host club for the annual ONA show and we looked at different ideas for our club logo.

Since April 2020 we have been unable to get together and I want you to know that I have missed our gatherings and the friendly chats. I feel as the clock ticks we run a risk of losing our sense of community and so I have set this website up in an effort to complement our Facebook group.

I hope that this site will become a living memory for the club, helping us recall the things we've learned, share our experiences, and to stay in touch with one another.

I invite you to reach out and share what the last year has been like for you, and in a few weeks I'll be happy to bring our experiences together. In the mean time I will also be putting together some new content for us all to enjoy as time and video skills permit.

Stay tuned! Stay well!


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